WDL PALL Filter Housing equipped with 5pcs PP cartridges inside :

  • The material of filter housing is FRP which adopt the winding technical of Glass Fiber and reinforced plastics, make sure the strength of material stronger than stainless steel and PVC.
  • Corrosion resistance, no leakage and could bear the high pressure and temperature.
  • The internal structure of filter housing is novel and reasonable with seal support, installation guide andupper end cartridge positioning lock block . There are five hole positioning for sealing box, customer could use fastening nuts to adjust the sealing of it.
  • Not only the body of filter housing material is FRP, but also the other accessories of filter are FRP except cartridge.
  • The installation and change cartridge is very convenient, the customer do not need to use any tools because the filter housing built-in automatic positioning cartridges lock and is opened by manual type hoop.
  • Reduce user operation time and greatly improves efficiency at the same time